Taking the Amtrak Adirondack Line to Montreal

The Slow Route to Montreal via Amtrak

Whenever I get an opportunity to plan my own solo travel, I favor slow methods over fast. Not because I am afraid of flying, rather I love it, but because I like to savor the journey as much as the destination.So when I received an email from Amtrak announcing a sale on fares for their Adirondack Line, New York to Montreal, I quickly switched gears in planning my visit because at only $89 return, I couldn’t believe my luck. It actually made more sense to take the train, albeit all 10 hours of it each way, than to pay all the extra money to fly when flying would take up almost a whole day anyway by the time all factors were considered: like getting there early, going through security, the hour + train ride just to the airport from my home etc etc etc. Plus, the difference in cost couldn’t be justified in my mind.

In the end, it wasn’t just the sale fare that made my mind up. It was the chance to have very little to do for 20 hours total except stare out the window, read a book or sleep. (The Adirondack line only has WiFi in the dining car.)

I did a lot of staring out the window, occasionally taking pictures. I published a photobook on Steller. I marveled at how close we were to my home state of Vermont as we traveled up and down the shores of Lake Champlain. It was fantastic and it has prompted me to research what other train journeys I might be able to do this year!!20140317-115422.jpg 20140317-115440.jpg

20140317-115447.jpg 20140317-115522.jpg 20140317-115532.jpg 20140317-115429.jpg 20140317-115545.jpg 20140317-115512.jpg 20140317-115506.jpg 20140317-115459.jpg 20140317-115453.jpg

I was not sponsored or helped out by Amtrak in any way. I paid for the entirety of my journey myself. I am writing about it just because I really think it is a great way to travel. If you’re a writer who favors slow travel as I do, Amtrak has just announced a residency program.