Leaving London for the Country

By train and by car, on the rightful side of the road, I saw England outside of London. I was determined my 11 days in the United Kingdom not be dominated by the hustle and grime of the city. Edinburgh was a thought. One that didn’t work out. When my dear friends Terry and Sarah offered their house in the country village of Isham, it seemed just the ticket. I won’t pretend I didn’t picture something out of Bridget Jone’s Diary. I even practiced my Bridget accent, remembering the time (drunk) I might have impersonated such a voice for Terry and Sarah during a dinner in Austria. All sorts of cliches occupied my mind as my train from St. Pancras sped toward Kettering. I expected quaint. I didn’t expect this:

The way Terry likes to tell it, which always makes me smile, this is their little weekend house! Or, this will be their house the next time I return to see my dear friends. Which is sure to be soon. In reality, this is a stunning property part of the Best Loved Hotels group – the Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa. MY HOME the next time I visit the UK. I hope. A girl can dream!
It turns out the Kettering area held many surprises. Quaint though it was indeed. Its thatched roof houses and historic churches, one-lane roads and friendly pubs put me at ease immediately and the quiet pace of life rejuvenated me after weeks of travel had worn me down a bit. However, I didn’t expect a luxury car outside a house the size of a small New York City apartment. Like I said, surprises.

I also, didn’t expect to like the countryside so much — I immediately began contemplating how I might return. To stay for more than an overnight. I certainly hope Terry and Sarah will have me. This city girl has found her stride in the quiet of the English countryside! Tech specs: All images shot on an iPhone4 in Camera+ and processed with Instagram.

  • November 16, 2011

    Oh, I am so mega jealous! This so gorgeous/historic/quaint… siiigh.

    • November 20, 2011

      It was beautiful Stevo! Wish you and I could meet in England and explore the UK together. That would be a fun travel adventure for two photographers.

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