“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”
– Winston S. Churchill

Long have I loved that quote and tried to live by it. It’s in that spirit that I wanted to have a page on my site dedicated to giving so that this site always features the chance for a discussion about how to give, where to give and even perhaps what to give. I make no promise that I know everything nor that I am an example in any way. I just have an earnest desire to try and help others with what little I have. This page highlights some of the ways I currently do so.

Kirsten Alana - Giving

Kirsten Alana - Giving

Kirsten Alana - Giving


World Animal Protection is a non-profit 501(c) organization that receives no government funding. Their work is made possible entirely through donations from animal lovers like you and I. They are part of a global organization that has established strategic priorities to combat the world’s most intense and large-scale animal welfare issues. I support them in any way I can and I rely on them personally for education on how I can be a better animal lover. Learn more by starting with the homepage of WAP.


Every month I donate to Humanity Unified, to further their work of poverty alleviation in developing countries. Founders Maria & Anthony Russo are friends of mine and because I know them personally, I know how pure their motives are and how HUGE are their hearts for changing the world for the better. Learn more by starting with their ‘Our Model’ page.


Founded in 2009 and similar to Kiva, but smaller, Zidisha is a micro lending platform that I initially funded with $80. That has been turned into over $100 to fund 17 different projects as of May 2016. As of June, my account now receives an extra $5 per month and all of the money in my account is recycled back into funding new entrepreneurs in the 157 different countries that Zidisha supports. I don’t receive back anything that I invest. For more information, start with their How It Works page.


I regularly clean out our apartment in NYC and donate any unused, unopened toiletries, canned goods and gently used clothing to shelters in the city. For where to donate, I use the information provides.


I try to support companies that do good with the money I spend buying their product. Right now I am aware of these companies but I am always trying to find others and if you have suggestions, please do share them with me: FEED, THINX / Icon / Tushy, Panda, Hand in Hand, This Bar Saves Lives, Gandys, Twice as Warm, WeWood, Sevenly and Ten Thousand Villages.

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