Twitter Spaces

Till the end of February 2022, I’m part of the Spark program on Twitter Spaces [social audio], supported by their program as a host. I’m producing and hosting Spaces two times per week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

Find out when I am live on Twitter Spaces, and who my guests are, with this calendar. You can also follow my dedicated Spaces account on Twitter and the hashtag #KirstenOnSpaces.

The series is focused on supporting creative people and creators. My guests will range from former hoteliers to authors and bloggers to award-winning photographers. And more! Always in – or adjacent to – the realms of travel or photography. My goal is to host conversations with interesting people that will, hopefully, leave you with a more curious eye for life; walking away having learned something new or learned about someone you otherwise wouldn’t have known. Join as a listener. Request to be a Speaker at the end if you have questions or thoughts to add! If you don’t want to speak, tweet me your questions to answer live on air.

Look for the URL embedded in the events below to listen in because you can do so on the web without being logged in to Twitter. The experience is more enjoyable if you join from the Twitter mobile app logged in to an account. More on how it all works, below the calendar:

So, what is Twitter Spaces?

If you’re not yet familiar with Spaces, this is approximately what it looks like to [L] see a Space that you could join, and then [R] when you have joined one, in the iOS Twitter app on mobile: Screenshots showing Twitter Spaces in the Twitter app by Kirsten Alana

A Space is an audio conversation. Most happen right within the Twitter app on iOS & Android. However if you have the URL to a Space, you can listen without being logged into Twitter from a browser. You don’t need any fancy equipment to listen to, or speak in, a Space. Just your phone, the Twitter app updated to the latest version, and your voice.

You can speak in Spaces just like the man in the photo below is. Into your device on Speakerphone. It really helps keep the barrier to entry low. It’s not a podcast or a radio show! And since my Spaces are live there isn’t even the worry you might say something you didn’t mean to and then it’s recorded forever. Once the Space ends, it’s done.

Black man speaking to phone courtesy of iStockphoto purchased by Kirsten Alana

Anyone can listen from a computer. You can only be a speaker, host or co-host through the Twitter app. Logged into the app, you get the benefit of reacting using Emojis. Spaces can be recorded but are not always. Usually the conversations are live and if you miss them, you’ve missed it. If a Space is being recorded, Twitter lets users know with a box and red icon that says, REC.

Contact me today to request a detailed guide to Spaces: what it is, how to use it, and more.


Image above of man talking on phone, purchased from Stock. Photographer unknown.