#SummerLiving Series with Barclaycard US

#SummerLiving Series with Barclaycard US

I was paid to host the below video and was required to share it on social media but I was not required to create, and or publish, this blog post.

I recently had the chance to host a video for the #SummerLiving series by Barclaycard US. I love the Loews Regency Hotel here in New York City so when Barclaycard US chose it as the location for my video in the #SummerLiving series, I was really excited.
#SummerLiving Series with Barclaycard US
The hotel itself has undergone a renovation in the last decade to make it incredibly soundproof so the suites and the rooms are wonderful if you want to be conveniently located but actually get a good night’s sleep. The suites are some of my favorite in the city in fact. We didn’t highlight this in the #SummerLiving series but since I’m talking about the hotel I can’t not mention that!

It was The Regency Bar & Grill that was the focus of our video and you’ll just have to watch it below or HERE on their Instagram channel, to find out what in particular we chose to highlight! *wink*

I hope you enjoyed that video from the Barclaycard US #SummerLiving series. See their Instagram channel for more videos from the series, filmed all over the USA.
#SummerLiving Series with Barclaycard US

Would you like to see me do more video content about travel? How about more video content about NYC?

I’ve always considered myself a travel photographer first and foremost, and that’s the medium I am most comfortable with. However, I did study Television Journalism in college and I do have a fair amount of experience in front of the camera making me comfortable enough to more than get by! I never know if I should pursue more on-camera work or just let it happen naturally. In this case, it happened completely naturally when Lucia Entertainment hired me through my agent at God and Beauty. Thank you, Lucia!

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