A Winter Weekend in Montreal

I was provided a place to stay, Metro credit and a media pass to Lumière by Tourisme Montréal. I was paid to create a guide for TripleSpot as part of their winter contest promotion: #TSadventures. All other details, were mine to arrange and cover. As always, opinions (here and on TripleSpot) are mine alone.

I’ve just returned from a very cold, but lovely, weekend in Montréal where I visited my friend Marie-Eve. I also wrote up some tips and recommendations for the new app TripleSpot. And I experienced my first ever Lumière which included Nuit Blanche.

(It was a busy weekend!!)

In the middle of all of that, I was also fortunate to spend some time with one of my favorite photographers — who was in town for an even shorter amount of time than I — Maurice Li. That included making some new friends during a very impromptu instameet in an abandoned building.
I chose to take the slow route, traveling via Amtrak’s Adirondack line from Penn Station to Montréal’s Gare Centrale. The route was chosen by National Geographic as one of the most beautiful in North America and even in winter, it was quite clear why; as it follows the Hudson River and eventually Lake Champlain. At a price of only $89 return, it’s something worth doing almost on its own in virtually any season.

The full list of places I discovered for TripleSpot is here and I’ll be publishing a separate photo essay about the Instameet because it was such a fun & unusual experience for me.
But of course my trip included lots and LOTS of wonderful food (worth a mention of its own: my first Cronut), time in museums, meeting dynamic locals and photographing the architecture and details that make Montréal distinctive. I even did a little window shopping and though I didn’t buy anything, I did discover some incredible boutiques. I found out that Montréal really has everything needed for a luxurious city break.