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NYE, Art & Technology in Berlin: Part 1

Perhaps it’s no surprise that an appreciation of art is one of my obsessions. My mother is an artist. It’s likely I was born with only two choices: love it, or hate it.

I love it. So, my travel activities often revolve around a desire to peruse museums, check out galleries or see artists in action. This appreciation includes painting, sculpting, drawing, and weaving but extends to architectural and industrial design, music … even the art in technology and technological advancement.

This is why I am soo excited about my latest adventure. I’m traveling to Berlin this weekend to experience “Silvester” and see the Green Box Project with my own eyes. It’s just not enough for me to read about it. Beck’s Beer is sponsoring the GBP all over the world. Using Augmented Reality and the creation of FriendsWithYou (who also did the incredible Highline installation this year in NYC) they’ve installed a work of art above the Brandenburg Gate which is invisible until one uses a device like the iPhone or iPad and the Beck’s app to then view the work of art. Sound cool? I am completely intrigued. Also really curious to see what Berlin has to offer for the biggest party of the year. Since it means skipping a New York New Year’s Eve for this — it’s gotta be good, right?

I’ve been following the developments of travel and augmented reality for quite some time but the Green Box Project really stands out to me. In comparison to the other ways I’ve seen this technology used – I think this has incredible applications for travel. I just need to see it for myself. It’s not one of those things I can fully appreciate until I do.

I hope you’ll follow along as I report from Berlin with photographs and video over the New Year weekend. Use the hashtag #berlinnye on twitter and check out photographs on my Facebook page all weekend long of Berlin, Silvester and the Green Box Project. I’m going to follow the party trail all over Berlin. It’s a fascinating place from everything I’ve read and heard and so much of what fascinates me has to do with their art — from old to new, largely modern, much of it to do with graffiti (another obsession) and some of it controversial. Should make for some great stories afterward …

Thank you to Beck’s Beer for the stock image of the Brandenburg Gate and to Visit Berlin for the graffiti image. Can’t wait to share some of my own images from Berlin!

My trip to Berlin is made possible by Beck’s Beer but the opinion and information is, as always, my own.

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