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Tune Hotel – Where to Stay in London

I do prefer to experience a place through the most local and authentic channels possible. But I’m not opposed to hotels, both luxury and budget when they’re worth the money. Tune Hotel is a great example of a smart choice from a value perspective.

Where is Tune Hotel?

Tune Hotel is convenient to Westminster and the London Eye. It is also tucked away enough into an area that is not particularly touristy that I still felt as if I was experiencing more of the “real London” when I explored around my hotel than if I had stayed in – well, Piccadilly Circus.

My friend Isabelle was staying at Tune during the same few days I was. Together, we managed to find the hotel on Westminster Bridge Road despite poor directions from a mutual friend and when we finally stumbled upon the red door right next to a coffee shop we were like explorers in a desert longing for an oasis. Tune was our Oasis. With smiling faces to greet us no less.

What’s Tune Hotel Like?

Tune Hotel walks the line between hostel and hotel in a way, by allowing the traveler to choose their amenities and pay based on choice rather than on a flat rate system that is the same for every traveler. You pay for what you want in a hotel, and only that. Yet, and this is highly important to me, the beds are as comfortable as those found in higher end hotels like Sheraton or Westin. They are genuinely 5-star beds. You won’t be forced to endure an uncomfortable bunk bed like one does in a hostel yet you can expect not to pay much more than the price of a hostel in some countries (like the USA).

The bathroom is more akin to what’s found in a capsule hotel however, I don’t ever feel the need for a large bathroom because I am not high maintenance. So this didn’t bother me in the slightest. Additionally, though the size of the bathroom was small, the shower head was every bit a full body massage experience with great water pressure (you might be surprised how often one does not find this while traveling).

Lastly, my room on the top floor of their London property featured stunning views of the city. For a budget hotel, this was impressive. If I had not experienced my iPhone being stolen, I’d have the pictures to prove it. You’ll just have to take my word for it or go book the corner room on the top floor [seen in the photograph below] to see for yourself!

More Locations Coming for Tune Hotel in London

Tune is a recent addition to London and they will be opening a second location on Liverpool Street January 4, in addition to the location I stayed at near Westminster. Currently, they have a wider offering in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

I hope to stay again with them in one of these countries when I’m in Asia in 2012. That’s likely the highest praise I can give Tune. I’m not known to be particularly loyal to a hotel brand because I crave the newness of unfamiliar experiences and places. However, I’d stay with them again in a heartbeat and enjoy the ability to count on a good night’s rest for a fair price.

How Much Does a Tune Room Cost?

Room rates start at £35 with twin and double rooms available. Amenities which are the option of guests include TV, WiFi, windows, in-room safe, early arrival or late departure, hairdryer, towels and toiletries. It sounds strange to read, why wouldn’t one want towels? However, it’s a cost savings if you travel with them already.

That’s the goal of Tune, to not sacrifice a good experience while still saving you money. Pay for what you need. Not for what you don’t.

As a final point of reference, I stayed one night at a Travelodge during this same sojourn in London and though the price point was similar (Travelodge actually being slightly more expensive) – I’d never again choose to be a guest there. Tune Hotel was far superior, cleaner and generally more comfortable. It was also better suited to getting around, with a tube station mere feet from the front door.

My stay at Tune Hotels was complimentary but the opinions in this article are my own. Photographs are courtesy, and copyright, Tune Hotels.

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