Seduced by Rome

When I was in college, my dream was to study abroad for a semester in Florence. My mother is a classically trained artist who I’ve always called the “female Michelangelo.” It seemed fitting to be in the place in Italy where art is such a prominent element. I even began the entry process for the program and planned my life around that semester. Yet things, as they often do, got in the way and I didn’t end up in Italy as an impressionable girl in her early twenties.

Instead, I ended up a decade later at 31 in an apartment in Trastevere not knowing what to expect and completely free of pre-conceived notions, eager for adventure. Still, slightly disappointed my first experience in Italy wasn’t going to take place in Florence.

So I think Rome heard the little sigh that escaped my psyche and planned accordingly, a grand seduction that I never saw coming.

I don’t know if it was the gelato…the picture-waiting-to-be-taken in every single alleyway…the romantic way the city sparkled at night…the desserts…the Italian man who was happy to have me as passenger on the back of his Vespa…the WINE…the frescoes…the ADORABLE tiny cars…the graffiti (that I highly anticipate discovering in every city I visit)…or, the good friends I made during the adventure who I’m looking forward to seeing again. Whatever it was, I never saw it coming. I forgot about Florence and was all too happy to find myself in love elsewhere! I hope you get the chance to visit Rome soon because I think you’d find it a rather pleasant seduction.

My sojourn in Rome was made possible by HouseTrip who provided our apartments in Rome and the experience of living like a local. However, opinions in this article are my own. **Thanks to Deb of ThePlanetD for the image of me on a Vespa! And why don’t I have a photo with you two from the trip??**