Viva Mexico by Kirsten Alana

Viva, Mexico! – photos from the Riviera Maya

Wedding photographers based in cold weather climates such as the Midwest sometimes find a lack of things to post on their blogs in the winter time; we shoot fewer weddings in the winter, we do fewer engagement sessions and in general…we aren’t up to as much as we are in other seasons!

However, I have had a VERY crazy busy last quarter this year (both personally and professionally) so I have an abundance of things to catch up on posting as the winter months progress.  First, I will be shooting a few last minute Christmas portrait sessions and spending a day or two w/ family in Michigan and then…the great blog catch up will begin!!

Until then, enjoy a few photographs from my recent trip to Mexico.

This was my second travel assignment and a trip that will not be my last foray into Freelance Travel Photography…it is just too much fun!!IMG_9190wpdc-9235w

Aclamaciones! Y Feliz Navidad!