A Moment in Marrakech


My journey through Morocco last November was not perfect. Yet it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever photographed. In that sense, I loved the country.

So this photo from the gardens of Yves St. Laurent in Marrakech always makes me smile. It reminds me of the love. It comes from a room in the gardens that functions as an art gallery amidst the jungle of green which punctuates the buildings painted so vibrantly with Majorelle blue paint.

I’m speaking tonight at the Apple Store in New York City on the Upper West Side (1981 Broadway) at 7 PM and I’ll be sharing a lot of travel photos but I’m concentrating on Morocco and how iPhone allowed me to capture such a versatile collection of photographs, from simulated Polaroids to panorama images, tilt-shift and black and white.

It will be wonderful to stroll down memory lane and think only of Morocco’s beauty, not of the hardship. If you’re in NYC, I’d love to see your face in the audience!