Asheville by iPhone

I was recently sent to Asheville, North Carolina on behalf of Dave and Deb who have the fabulous travel blog: ThePlanetD.

We spent a good amount of time in Europe together this spring and getting to know them was really a treat in so many ways. It also gave me the opportunity to partner with them, covering a trip they weren’t able to report on themselves. At first, I was all excited about the possible destinations. After all, they’ve been to Antarctica, the Galapagos, Thailand, Jordan…my head spun with dizzying ideas of all the grandeur I might be able to take over covering for them. And then, I was told I’d be going to Asheville, North Carolina. In the United States. Womp. Womp.

Wait, before you get too mad at me, I’m a changed woman now. I’m excited again. It turns out — Asheville rocked my socks off! It may not be Jordan, or any international destination I long to visit but I genuinely owe a huge debt to Dave and Deb for letting me experience another pocket of my country, for them. It gave me the perspective I desperately needed to get back to a place where I could have a little pride in this country that I was born in. And since perspective is something I am talking about a lot this month, well, there are even more reasons to love the opportunity I was given.

Head over to ThePlanetD to read my stories about Asheville. That is, after you enjoy a little peek at what I grew to love – all captured with merely my iPhone:
The BiltmoreBattery Park Book Exchange & Champagne BarCurateGrove Park Inn & SpaHighland BreweryArtist, Jonas GerardLaZoom City TourThe AdmiralTroy & Sons DistilleryTupelo Honey CafeLike? I thought you might! Go visit Asheville for yourself sometime soon. I think you might grow to love it just like I did.

I’m grateful not only to Dave and Deb but to ExploreAsheville who made my trip to North Carolina possible. However, opinions in this post are my own and represent an honest view of my experience. Have you entered the #ExpediaFindYours twitter contest yet? Check out the rules here and to enter your story about perspective simply tweet me @kirstenalana with the hashtags #perspective & #ExpediaFindYours + include a photo!