Sunset Sailing in Key West

Sunset Sailing in Key West

Sunset is my favorite time of day.  Its pleasure is heightened when shared with someone special.  Its pleasure is also heightened when enjoyed aboard a catamaran in a warm climate during the summer, sunset sailing with champagne…..

Partaking in a sunset sailing trip was actually on my bucket list, so during my recent trip to Key West I was quite pleased to find it was something I’d finally get to experience!  I chose to sail with Sebago, however there are quite a few options in Key West for sunset sailing; all of which are easily researched both online and in town at tourist kiosks.  As the sun began its descent, we sailed out of harbor, passing the throngs of tourists gathered to toast the sunset at Mallory Square.  We sailed past Sunset Key (where such celebrities as Oprah are reputed to have second homes) and headed for open ocean to watch the actual setting with an unobstructed view.

I enjoyed the crew members who hosted us, the catamaran we sailed on as well as the fellow passengers I got to know.  There were couples and families from all over the United States and Europe.  While I was the only single passenger – it didn’t matter once the champagne started flowing and the sun started its descent.  We were all united in wonder, the enjoyment of sunset sailing and perhaps the lubrication of a little alcohol but whatever the reason – conversation flowed easily!  

Taking a sunset sail is something I can now cross of my bucket list, but the pleasant memories will stay with me for a lifetime.  I highly recommend sunset sailing in Key West! Or anywhere you find it offered.  Just don’t forget to take your camera!

  • May 17, 2010

    Seeing these photos first thing in the morning makes my Monday feel peaceful:)

    • March 04, 2017

      If only every Monday could be so peaceful as a sunset sail!

  • May 18, 2010

    Wow! The sunset pics are AH-MAZING!

    • March 04, 2017

      Thank you! Sunset is always stunning in Key West!

  • May 22, 2010

    Oh I’m jealous! And that fish-eye; wow, love it with flare! Great shots Kristen! 🙂

    • March 04, 2017

      Taken with the 5D MII and fisheye lens if I remember correctly!

  • May 25, 2010

    oH MY!!!! I LOVE THESE!!!!

    • March 04, 2017

      I’m so glad you do, thank you Leah!

  • July 27, 2010

    great shots !

  • December 03, 2016

    Went sailing in Key West over 10 years ago! Was one of my wife’s favorite things we have done. We even went on a night-time “Star Gazer” cruise. Funny thing was the leader of the cruise was a lady who was from my hometown (in Indiana) who grew up a few blocks from me…
    Great images!

    • March 04, 2017

      I’m glad you enjoyed it too! I’ve been sailing all over the world but this is still one of my favorite places to go out at sunset.

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