Earth Day 2020: Tips and Advice

Earth Day 2020 looks a bit different than the past 49 plus Earth Days that have occured since it first began to be celebrated 50 years ago. Did you know it was created primarily by a US Senator after witnessing the massive Santa Barbara oil spill damage in 1969? [source] April 22, 1970 — the first Earth Day — focused on educating people about threats to the environment long before we began calling it global warming or climate change.

Usually, April 22 includes events that we can attend in person.

This year, we are staying home to stay safe. To protect each other. But that doesn’t mean we can’t participate in Earth Day 2020!

Why should you care? If you’re a fellow traveler, you know that should we fail to take care of the planet, it won’t be there for us to enjoy as we travel. Never mind the fact that a planet which is ruined, isn’t safe for human beings to live on. And if we can’t live here, where would we live? Science fiction movies about living in Space are stories. But the reality is far from being realized on a mass scale. We stand a better chance of keeping this planet habitable than we do living on another. IF we all work together to make changes. More on the changes we can make when we travel in a later post.

Oh and then there’s….. “human impact on the environment may make pandemics more likely“. And that, perhaps more than ever this year, is worth paying attention to!

So here are a few things you can do, right now, from home for this Earth Day 2020: 

  • Turn it all off

Just like we do for Earth Hour, turn the lights off. Use candles or the light of the TV only. Unplug anything you don’t need 24/7. Try it anytime you can while we stay home. We’re using more electricity in our homes than ever before because we are home more. So try to offset that by taking time out from electricity if you are able to. It might not work for everyone. This is far more difficult with kids. But try making it a game they participate in if that helps.

  • Switch to greener banking

I have been using Aspiration for a while for smaller amounts of money. When my other, traditional, banks actually INCREASED my fees once I lost all my work due to COVID [instead of taking the kinder approach of grace or mercy] I said “enough!” I began to switch all my banking from traditional banks to Aspiration. They have adjusted their policies to be even more friendly to their customers and the planet during this Pandemic. We might have less money now. But we can still make what we do have work for us. If you switch to Aspiration now, using my link, before the end of May — they will give you $50 dollars to keep and $25 to give toward a cause. So while other banks are digging deeper into greed and piling bonuses on their CEOs, Aspiration is doubling down on helping us AND the planet.Earth Day 2020: Tips and Advice - Kirsten Alana

  • Try gardening at home [even if you’re only in an apartment]

Similar to the WWII era idea of a ‘Victory Garden’, growing your food at home is a simple way you can be a part of the solution not the problem. There are many ways to start doing this but I like Leaf’d Box. It makes growing at home so simple. They grow the plants you choose based on what works best in your location. Then deliver them to you ready to plant. All you have to do is make sure they thrive. Yes, emissions are created in the shipping process. But it will end up being less than what’s created during multiple grocery or delivery runs for the equivalent amount of produce. If you’re in an apartment, this can still work as a windowsill garden or in the corner of a room.

After discovering them, I agreed to also work with them to help promote their service, currently for California residents. The photos below are from the brand.

  • Buy from brands who have officially committed to measuring, offsetting and [most importantly] reducing their carbon emissions

I began supporting Climate Neutral when they were in the Kickstarter-phase of getting things going and I am thrilled to see 102 brands (and counting) now involved. Climate Neutral works with the brands who commit to measure, offset and reduce emissions. It also provides an official label so that consumers can recognize and support brands who practice this planet-friendly way of business. We still have to shop for our needs as we stay home, so choose to shop brands that have made this, or a similarly, stringent commitment for everything from tea to blankets.Earth Day 2020: Tips and Advice - Kirsten Alana

What would you add? What are you doing this Earth Day to help the planet?

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