National Lager Day Facts in an Infographic

Occasionally I publish beer related posts because it’s one of my favorite things to drink and early on in my travels, sampling beer with locals around the world was something that helped me learn about the culture of countries I visited. People are always friendly if you ask to get to know them over a beer. Let’s Grab a Beer did not pay me for this post but occasionally they provide opportunities of interest to me, such as complimentary attendance at the Great American Beer Festival. I work with them because I am a beer drinker already, not because they asked me to.

A good lager is one of my favorite things to drink, any day of the year but especially on National Lager Day…

When the temperature drops a little, I usually tend towards an Amber Lager. But lager in general is always something I like all year round.

Only recently did I find out how much work goes into making one of my favorite styles of beer and because the information was new to me, I thought it might be to you as well. Since it’s National Lager Day, I figured today would be a good day for us all to learn more. For instance, did you know that…?

The word ‘lager’ comes from the German word lager, meaning “to store.” That’s because making a lager can take twice as much time and twice as many tanks as other beers!

So here’s a handy infographic created by Let’s Grab a Beer that lays out all the facts…


Did you learn something new for National Lager Day? What’s one of your very favorite lagers to drink? And where is it brewed? I’d love to add a lager that I’ve never tried to my list to get to know!

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