On Cliche and Writers Block

On Clichés and Writer’s Block

Since I officially started my travel career – I have crossed North America several times over, visited NYC 8 times, lived in Paris for two weeks in a 6th floor walk-up (it seemed more like 10 floors without caffeine), celebrated my 30th birthday in Mexico and swam in the waters off my own private island in the Bahamas

and I’ve amassed thousands and thousands of photographs while doing so. I’ve had to buy more hard drive space in the last 12 months than I had to in the previous five years. I’ve met amazing people who have changed my life. I’ve found my voice. I’ve seen my dreams come true.

None of that is bad, what I’ve experienced in the last year has been [when all is said and done] – the greatest year of my life. Yet, I’ve been so busy traveling and taking photographs – that somehow I’ve lost the ability to share what I am experiencing when I am home at my computer. When I sit down to attempt a blog post – I experience that all too common problem that I’m not the first to struggle with:


I’ve dealt with it by populating this blog in clichés … pretty sunsets and lists of other great posts by greater writers and photographers than I am, all so that for one more minute I can avoid facing the real issue – I don’t know what to write. Here. I’m pitching more editors and travel publications than ever before. I’m even a part time editor at an online magazine. I’m in charge of social media for a number of travel and charitable organizations.

Meanwhile, my own blog suffers.

Even now.

So … enjoy this random sampling from my archives. I’m packing my bags to head to Argentina and Uruguay for the first half of May. I may jaunt over to Switzerland if things fall into place. After that, I’ll be traveling up the west coast of North America with stops in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle before ending in Vancouver for TBEX 11. Will I see you there, or along the way? I hope so.

I’m searching for inspiration. I’m writing the stories I’m hired to write. But I’m taking a break from this space for just a bit.

I hope you won’t unsubscribe. I hope you will still follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I haven’t lost my voice for those outlets.

So safe travels and bon voyage to you. Thank you for following me thus far in this space. I don’t know when I’ll write again

I guess, when the words come back.

Merci beaucoup pour la lecture! Merci d’être une partie de ma vie!