Frida Kahlo at the New York Botanical Garden

Weekends are when Dante and I do the bulk of our exploring around New York City. Because he works a day job and I work a LOT when I am not traveling, from home, letting us out of the house on a weekend is like letting a kid inside a candy store! 😉

Our most recent adventure was up to the Bronx where we visited the New York Botanical Garden for the exhibit celebrating the work and life of prolific Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.fridaynybgbykirstenalananx5002

Of course the exhibit also includes a lot about her husband Diego Rivera and Casa Azul, their home. Which was Frida’s childhood home first.fridaynybgbykirstenalananx5001

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Spent this weekend at the @nybg with Dante where the Frida Kahlo exhibit has taken over some of the buildings and gardens, showcasing her trademark love of color with reproductions of parts of the Mexico City home where she grew up, that she eventually shared with fellow artist Diego Rivera. This specifically reproduces a pyramid in the gardens of La Casa Azul that were made so Rivera could showcase his collection of artifacts and the cactus collection they had. I was so excited to go this exhibit not only because I’m a fan of Frida’s work but because I grew up seeing the murals Rivera painted in the DIA in Detroit, where my mother is from. The stunning subjects and sheer talent those murals portray, has always captivated me. It was wonderful to see in one place, a tribute to two such talented (if flawed) people. Get there fast, it all goes away soon… Oh, and check out @dante8’s feed, for some more great shots from our adventure! Lastly, what’s your favorite way to edit photos? Lately, I’m really loving F1-3 and LV1 in VSCO.

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I really loved being there with Dante and I already want to go back. Unfortunately, from where we live in NYC, it is not an easy trek. I would honestly recommend renting a car and driving up if you’re visiting NYC. If you’re a resident, I really think the easiest way to get there, though not the most cost effective, is the Metro North train.fridaynybgbykirstenalananx5008

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Are you convinced to visit now as well? Start with this page on the NYBG site but know that you only have till November 1 before the entire Frida Kahlo exhibit goes away!

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