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A Photowalk during Winter in Central Park

NYC’s Central Park is an undeniable tourist attraction. But for those of us who make our home in NYC, it’s just the place we like to go to get away from the “concrete jungle.” Even when it’s cold out, Danté and I often find ourselves in the park…SAMSUNG CSC

and this past Saturday was no different. We started out in the southeast corner of the park and made our way to the Literary Walk before ending at Bow Bridge and doubling back.

I’m fascinated by this part of the park because it’s so formal. Looking up the history of how Central Park was created I found this on Wikipedia:

Olmsted was strongly opposed to punctuating the carefully planned rural aspect of the park with statuary, but the pressure to memorialize cultural heroes has resulted in the Mall becoming a kind of “Literary Walk”. The first sculpture to be sited here was in commemoration of the New York society poet Fitz-Greene Halleck, but more than half of the sculptures erected in Central Park in the nineteenth century were projects financed and promoted by ethnic associations of the more recent immigrants…

And a quip that certainly doesn’t paint some New Yorkers of the time in the best light but is nonetheless fascinating to me because it explains why the Mall is so wide….

The Mall was designed so that a carriage could disgorge its passengers at the south end, then drive round and pick them up again overlooking Bethesda Terrace, whose view of the Lake and Ramble formed the “ultimatum of interest” in Olmsted and Vaux’s vision. With no need for tiresome redoubling their steps, fashionable New Yorkers [then] had their chance to mingle with the less affluent.

You can read even more on the Wikipedia page. We’d have spent far longer in the park if we could have but it did get too cold for us in the end. Still, with that simple route we were able to get a lot of photos!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCPhoto Feb 07-6Photo Feb 07-7

I hope you enjoyed my photos of NYC in the winter and are convinced that, even though it’s cold, it’s a great season in which to enjoy the beauty of Central Park! To see Danté’s photos, check out his portfolio site or follow him on Instagram.

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