Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana

Yes, I Love NY!

With less than a week left in 2010, foremost on my mind is looking back over the last 12 months. It’s hard to avoid that tendency since all over the media and internet and every conversation at this time of year is some mention of “reflecting on 2010” or “My Top 10 in 2010”! My last 12 months have been long, often strange and sometimes beautiful but I don’t care to make any Top 10 lists to recount them. Instead, I’m happy to just celebrate and look forward. In celebrating I can’t help but think of the place I traveled to most this year: in all, six trips to New York City and yes – it is official…


Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten AlanaJust last night, my old friend Will and I were recounting our mutual adoration for “The Big Apple”, “The City that Never Sleeps”, the place where “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere” by sharing the places we most love to eat, stay and play when we’re in our beloved NYC. I woke this morning with a need to watch “Manhattan” and a desire to look back over the thousands of images I’ve taken in my days roaming the streets from Prospect Park to the Upper West Side. They have been happy days and I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for all the time or resources in the world. I was born and raised in Vermont, I’ve lived 20 plus years in the Midwest, I’m now in Charlotte – but my home … is in New York.

I hope that 2011 brings a job and place to live there permanently, but even if it doesn’t you can bet I won’t stay away too long. Tourist or visitor, I don’t care the term, I’ll always return.

Here is just a sample of the photographs I’ve taken in my wanderings, I hope you enjoy this visual journey of my city! If you’ve never been, this is the chance to live vicariously. If you have been or currently live in NYC, I hope I do the city justice for you. It’s a crazy yet beautiful place isn’t it?

Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten AlanaYes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana

Battery Park & the Waterfront Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana

Union Square … Flatiron Building … Brooklyn Bridge

Prospect Park & Greater Brooklyn Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana

Governor’s Island & Staten Island Ferry Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana


Downtown Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana

The Highline Yes, I Love NY! - Kirsten Alana

So, yes…

I Love NY

I’ve written several, more detailed posts on NYC about … my afternoon at The MET, my leisurely afternoon in Union Square, my Sunset evening in Battery Park, my experience walking the Brooklyn Bridge, how I eventually came to like Brooklyn, the Heroes Memorial I stumbled upon, and my love for the NYCPL. I hope you take the time to enjoy those as well! Lastly, I’ve curated a twitter list of almost 300 accounts maintained by people “In the Know” in NYC or organizations who twitter for or about the city. It’s a great resource!

Neither this post, nor my career as a writer is in any way sponsored by NYC or any NYC based organization. These are my opinions alone, gained over a course of 9 months spent traveling throughout the greater New York city area paid for solely by myself.