Try the World in a Box


Try the World is gourmet food delivery in a box, sent every two months. The focus of each box is always a place. For $33 (2 months), $35 (6 months) or $39 (one year) per shipment you’ll get a box with 7-10 artisanal delicasies, a card describing each product and a culture guide that also includes recipes.

When I signed up for Try the World, my first box was Japan. Sadly, I am allergic to fish + seafood and I hate mushrooms so that box wasn’t really well suited for me. That being said, I really liked the tea, caramel candies, pack of origami paper and the culture guide. Japan is a country I’d like to visit one day. So even though food-wise it wasn’t 100% my “cup of tea”…it was a great way to learn more about a country I am curious to know better.

Try the World is currently offering a holiday box that includes food items from around the world instead of just one country. I really loved this box, and the fun guide that came with it.

What I like best about the Try the World service is that you can pause or cancel at any time, the shipping is free, as are the returns if there is a problem, and even if you don’t like everything in the box — it’s still useful. I now have a few Christmas gifts for friends that DO love Asian food and my boyfriend’s dad seemed to like the Turkish Delight that was in my holiday box. (He wasn’t getting my Truffle Oil! *wink*)

And the box color!! My favorite. Reminiscient of the Caribbean Ocean. Or Tiffany’s!

For the amount of money you spend to get a box, I think Try the World is a great addition to anyone’s cultural education and I think there are a lot of ways it could be well incorporated into family life. For instance, it would make a great addition to home schooling, allowing kids to learn about other countries through food!

See the unboxing of my Japan box here and this is a photo of everything in that box laid out:

This is the Holiday Box:

I did receive these Try the World boxes complimentary for the purposes of a review. But as with everything I write about, I neither guaranteed a positive review nor allowed the words to be dictated. All opinions are my own.

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