Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles

Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles

Lexus was kind enough to provide the Lexus IS 200t to Dante and I for the purposes of a test drive. We paid for our gas and were not compensated for our review, or promotion of, this vehicle. All opinions and words are my own.

Almost immediately after Danté and I started dating, we realized a shared love of road tripping. In the first year we were together, Danté and I drove to Maine and took a trip to California to do a road trip. If our relationship was a quilt, you’d see a lot of squares devoted to cars.

So when the opportunity to test drive a Lexus IS 200t during our latest trip to California manifested itself, we didn’t hesitate.
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles
A little bit about our experience with the Lexus IS 200t

We both dream about one day owning cars again because of the freedom that having a car provides. Living in NYC means being dependent on public transportation. While I love that from a social and environmental perspective, it does result in some feelings of entrapment at times. You’re always subject to schedules and fares and rules you have no control over. A car, well that’s freedom. Right?! It is to me.

But like I said, there’s a part of me that also doesn’t want a car unless I can have one that’s “good for the environment.” I know, that’s probably an oxymoron. So until I find one that I really love that fits that bill, we test drive. As much as we can. But we don’t own, yet.

Playing right into my desires to be eco friendly, I was very happy to see that the Lexus IS 200t has an eco mode. I did notice this seemed to save fuel as we drove our Lexus IS 200t around greater Los Angeles. How much fuel it saves or how it compares to other cars in the same class, I can’t tell you. As someone who is not a full time reviewer of vehicles, I am far over my depth to talk specifics.

My opinions on the Lexus IS 200t:

Did I like the car? Yes.
Did it handle well? I thought so!
Is outside noise muted/inside well isolated from outside noise? Yes.
Is it comfortable both to drive and to ride around in? Yes.
Did it feel worth the $37,000 + MSRP? Yes.
Does it have safety features? Yes. We liked the backup camera assistance and the lane departure warnings.
Does it have good tech features? Yes. We liked the Bluetooth connectivity and the USB inputs.

I especially liked the sunroof we had, as well as the individual air conditioning and heating that applied to each side of the car and was built into the seats! 🙂
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles

Standard features of the Lexus IS 200t include:

Keyless Entry/Start
Tire Pressure Warning
Multi-Zone Climate Control
Stability Control
Upgraded Headlights
Adaptive Cruise Control
USB Inputs
Auto Climate Control
Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel
Fold Flat Rear Seats
Power Driver Seat
Rear Bench Seats
Post-collision safety system
Trip Computer
Pre-collision safety system
Aux Audio Inputs
Lane Departure Warning

Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los AngelesLexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles
Any downside to the car?

The only real drawback that I would want to communicate is that the trunk was a little on the small side for us. Traveling with multiple suitcases and significant amounts of photographic equipment, meant we needed to put a suitcase in the backseat. That being said, most people don’t carry as much as we usually do, being photographers. So I imagine for the average driver, the trunk is probably well or at least average sized. But you can tell from this image, a small carry on suitcase takes up almost half the trunk.
Lexus IS 200t Test Drive in Los Angeles

Have you driven the Lexus IS 200t? Or any Lexus? What questions about the car can I answer for you?

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