A Silent Retreat Experience

A Silent Retreat Experience

More than six months of 2018 have passed and while we may be proud of the goals we have achieved this time of year, maybe we are also surprised by the toll that work has taken on our mental health.

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  1. We Need a Digital Detox

We Need a Digital Detox

Are you often wired to your phone more than you’d like to be? Addicted to ticking items off your to-do list? Growing more sensitive to even the smallest things?

The good thing is that if you are always aware of these things, you can tell yourself to stop and fix them before it gets worse.

If you’ve noticed the feeling of being overwhelmed for a few months then maybe a silent retreat is the thing for you.

If you can find a 4-day vacant spot on your calendar, then you can make this happen! You too can embark on a silent retreat that a good friend recommended to me.

Here is their experience as shared with me…

“I know it all sounds too fancy pants for some people out there but trust me when I say that silent retreats work.

A few days of quiet and solitude all to yourself can make such a big difference to your mental health and performance in the months that follow it.

So, onto the retreat.

It’s not all just silence for 4 days. The organizers at The Art of Living Retreat Center have a list of activities that keep their participants occupied for the time that they are silent.

I enjoyed the things they had arranged for us such as the hikes to the mountains, the morning yoga, the guided meditations, and the spa.

Oh goodness, the spa.A Silent Retreat Experience

You know how much I love my spa treatments and the retreat center certainly did not disappoint. I got a customized facial treatment followed by an herbal exfoliation treatment. It was DIVINE!

I wish I had brought my partner with me but I’m still in the process of convincing him that silent retreats are actually a good idea. Anyway, I deeply enjoyed my silent alone time at the center.  It’s amazing how much more present you become when no talking is involved. I personally enjoy chatting, but I didn’t mind the days-long silence either.

The retreat helped me get my meditation mojo back which I’ve been trying so hard to get more into. You know those times when you’d rather be doing everything you’re supposed to do at work rather than sit there for 5 minutes doing nothing? Yeah, I was in that mode.

The teachers at the retreat center teach powerful breathing techniques that can be applicable to your professional life. I was happy that I learned a lot of things at the retreat which I’m able to apply in real life situations. Some of the stuff they teach can be used to relieve stress, increase energy and positive emotions –something I am deeply in need of if I want to survive the rest of the year.

If I’m lucky, I will join the retreat again before the end of the year just to give myself time to process everything that’s happened and prep for the new year that’s about to come.”

Have you ever visited The Art of Living Retreat Center? Can you share your experience? If you have not been able to visit yet, is this the kind of place you would want to visit?

  • September 20, 2018

    Oh my this sounds delightful! I am at the point more and more where I think this would be helpful. I am trying so hard to live more intentionally but it is so so hard with everything else pulling me in the day to day.

    • September 20, 2018

      Thank you, Sheri! I know what you mean and that’s why I wanted to share this post. I think it would be a great idea.

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