A Global Perspective on Travel during COVID by Kirsten Alana

A Global Perspective on Travel during COVID

Have you been wondering how people feel about travel during COVID? If you have, this is the post for you.

Here in the USA the online conversations in my communities have turned more and more from where people could travel when they can travel again, to where they are traveling.

As I talk to friends and followers around the world who are outside of the USA, the messages continue to be filled more with anxiety and caution than plans for where to go and when.

How This Post Came About

Those conversations, taken collectively, caused me to wonder how I could help people understand one another better. Because there seemed to be a disconnect. And the answer came during a conversation where it was suggested that I share what I’m being told to help facilitate a global perspective on travel during COVID for greater understanding and respect amongst all of us who like to travel, and those who live in places where travelers frequent.

So, I asked on Instagram for people to respond with how they feel about travelers visiting their country right now or very soon.

The responses were [are] an education. I could not have fully anticipated the wide-ranging and often conflicting information or opinions shared with me. I began by including some of the messages in the latest issue of my newsletter. All were and have been shared with permission, and as screenshots so you know I’m not changing anyone’s words.

Let’s jump in.

How Do People Feel About Travel During COVID

Take for example this from an Expat living in France:

I was surprised by the difference in these answers from around England, which I know because I know all of these people. Each bubble is a different person’s response:

Another response from the UK, unspecified as to what part of it:

Responses From Around Canada

This first set of bubbles is all one response from one person.

More Responses from France

Each bubble is an answer from a different person.

Responses from Countries on the African continent



Responses from India

Here again, each bubble is a different response from a different person.

More Destinations, With Just One Response from Each





Canary Islands





So… how do you feel about travel during COVID?

I’d love to know! Send me a message and let’s talk. Understanding comes through conversation and understanding helps facilitate a better world.

This response sums up the way I felt going into this and I think the key is respect for others and acknowledgement of the fact that the places we travel, are the homes of others. Let’s act like we would at home, or we’d want people to act, when we’re traveling.

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