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You’ll Now Have to Pay an Entry Fee to Visit Venice

The news that many in the travel industry have been expecting for a while has been confirmed. You’ll now have to pay an entry fee to visit Venice, Italy. It will be the first city to adopt this measure.

A what now?

Yes, you read that right. If you’re planning to visit, you’ll now have to pay an entry fee to visit Venice, Italy.

Why do I now have to pay an entry fee to visit Venice?

Italy is trying to tackle the problem of crowding and over-tourism. Having been to Venice multiple times, I can assure you it is needed! Tourism has returned to Venice following the hit it suffered during the pandemic. Daily visitors can now surpass that of the 50,000 residents of the city center. That’s a problem that I fear could turn the city into a theme park. And which would harm those who call the city home. The level of tourism the city sees now is not all good for residents. Unaddressed, it could also take away the charm that you go there for and replace it with fabricated experiences catering only to tourists.

I hope, this measure and others that may be similar, can prevent that from happening!

But how do you feel about it after hearing the news? Weigh in via the comments section!

What will the entry fee to visit Venice be?

Expect it to be €3 normally and rise as high as €10 at peak to address higher visitor numbers. You will need to make an online booking before traveling to the city.

When does this entry fee to visit Venice go into effect?

It will start January 16, 2023.

Will there be any exceptions or conditions?

There will be some dynamic pricing. For instance, those who will be exempt from needing to purchase tickets include residents, disabled people, homeowners, people who visit the city for medical reasons or to attend cultural events, and children under the age of six.

How will they enforce this entry fee to visit Venice?

There will be turnstiles at the train station. These will check whether or not tourists have the necessary QR code to enter. Approximately 15 controllers will also carry out spot checks. Fines of up to €300 for any visitors without passes may be levied.

How do Venetians feel about this fee? 

Simone Venturini, the Venice Tourism chief, says

“We are pioneers, the first city in the world to apply a measure that could be revolutionary.”

according to this tweet by The Times.

I still want to visit Venice, what now?

I’m so glad you ask! It is an incredible city! I do recommend visiting. Don’t let this fee stop you. Look at it as a way to help support a city that we should want to see preserved and protected.

What do Do

Book a tour with my friend Marco who can take you to the best spots that tourists do not know. Marco is also an incredible photographer who can take photos of you in the city.

I have also enjoyed the tours I’ve done with Walks of Italy. I used to guide tours of the High Line for their New York office when I lived in the city.

Where to Stay

See my review of Gritti Palace the first time and the second time if you are planning to visit. It’s my favorite place to stay in Venice. Of all the luxury properties I have been able to review, it’s probably the most worthwhile price-wise. This is the view down to the canal, from my window: 


How do you feel about all of this? Let me know in the comments section!

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