Paris Passlib for Mother/Daughter Trip

Paris Passlib’ for Mother/Daughter Trip

Since I wanted to do a mix of cliché and less expected things during this most recent trip to Paris with my mum for an assignment with Air France – I was so thrilled when Paris Je t’aime offered us two Paris PassLib’ booklets to use for the duration of our trip.

We were given two passes complimentary and in exchange I offered to do a blog post but was not required to nor am I being paid to publish this. All opinions and images are my own.

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  1. The Paris Passlib'

The Paris Passlib’

The Passlib includes:

  • Unlimited transport throughout your stay in zones 1 to 3
  • A Paris Museum Pass that gives you access to the main museums and monuments in Paris
  • Free, unlimited access to all partner establishments
  • A 1-hour boat cruise
  • A 1-day sightseeing bus tour
Paris Passlib for Mother/Daughter Trip

For a mother/daughter trip of only 3 nights, this was wonderful. It was a way to ease some of the burden of planning. I also found it allowed us to be more spontaneous with our time. And it encouraged us to see Paris in ways that I hadn’t before when I traveled to the city alone. My mother enjoyed being able to rest her feet during the bus and boat tours and while we were on the Metro. Secretly, wink, so did I!

It was that pass which enabled us to make an unplanned stop at Musée des Arts Décoratifs late one afternoon as we were walking down Rue de Rivoli. We didn’t need to take the time to buy tickets or wait in line with our Passlib. So we were all set to just stroll right in basically and enjoy the exhibits without delay.

Paris Passlib for Mother/Daughter Trip
We wandered down darkened hallways punctuated with glittering jewels, black and white photos and punk art motifs enthralled with the strange yet beguiling mix of decorative art history. Yet it was this view from an upper balcony that caused me to pause the longest.

Paris Passlib for Mother/Daughter Trip
Paris Passlib for Mother/Daughter Trip

I can’t deny that old or new, I have a love affair with architectural vignettes. Particularly those featuring leading lines. If not for the Passlib, we might never have stopped. It was close to the close of business and we were already strolling by. I’m so glad the Passlib made an unplanned stop so easy.

One piece of advice that I would share, which we learned the hard way: do not sit in the back of the boat for the ride on the Seine! Fumes from the engine, which are right underneath the end of the boat’s top deck, made it more difficult to enjoy. However, we did still love seeing the city from the river during sunset and after dark.
Paris Passlib for Mother/Daughter Trip

Merci Paris Je t’aime, pour la PassLib. We loved having it and would highly recommend purchasing it for your next trip to Paris.

The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau aka the Paris Tourist Office [known online as ‘Paris Je t’aime’] distributes the Paris Passlib’, a clever item designed to simplify your stay in Paris. It is available for varying durations and for all ages, so you can choose the one that best suits your schedule and tastes. Prices begin at 40 euro.

Learn more, or purchase the pass, on their site.

  • July 02, 2018

    Well, i live in Paris…But the way you see it is unique.

    • July 30, 2018

      I’m glad you think so! I certainly try to always be different – in a positive way – in the way I portray places I visit.

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