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Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels

Alto Atacama, one of my favorite properties that I’ve stayed at during my career, has joined The Leading Hotels of the World. I learned the news in a press release this week. Along with the news that the name is now (?) Nayara Alto Atacama.

I am copying and pasting the press release here as I received it. Then I will share more about the resort from my own perspective. Header image of Alto Atacama from above courtesy Leading Hotels.

Press Release

The Leading Hotels of the World is pleased to announce the addition of eight new members to its worldwide portfolio. The “Summer Collection” marks LHW’s entrance into numerous new destinations including Zman, Croatia; Antwerp, Belgium; Park City, Utah; and San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. 

Meet LHW’s Newest Members: The “Summer Collection”

Mountain Escapes:

· Washington School House Hotel (Park City, Utah, United States)

· Nayara Alto Atacama (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)

Seaside Sanctuaries:

· Villa Nai 3.3 (Zman, Croatia) Opening June 2021

· ARIA Retreat & SPA (Cima di Porlezza, Italy) Opening August 2021

· Sumahan on the Water (Istanbul, Turkey)

· Bodrum Loft (Bodrum, Turkey)

Countryside & Country-Inspired Retreats:

· Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé (Loire Valley, France)

· Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium) Opening September 2021

My own Experience at Alto Atacama

I stayed at Nayara Alto Atacama during a trip to Chilé way back in 2015 now. I’ve thought of the property, and that trip, often in the many days since. From the earth walls to the natural fibers of the linens to the absence of plastic water bottles and the way the architecture surrendered to its surroundings instead of competing with it, everything about the stay was in some way very different from anything I had experienced before.

The look of the property seems to be very much the same on the website today as it was when I was there. However, I’ve read that it has been refreshed and renewed since then. They must have kept the vision and feel intact while doing an update. And for that, I’m glad. It’s a really special place. A really special type of property that fits the landscape of Chilé’s harsh Atacama region so well.

I’ve recommended the hotel many times to travelers asking where to go or where to stay when in Chilé and now that they are part of The Leading Hotels of the World, I will continue to do so.

Images from my stay in 2015:

Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels by Kirsten Alana Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels by Kirsten Alana Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels by Kirsten Alana Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels by Kirsten Alana Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels by Kirsten Alana Alto Atacama joins Leading Hotels by Kirsten Alana

In Regards to the Leading Hotels News

I have had the privilege of staying at several Leading Hotels in my career; including De L’Europe Amsterdam which I cannot recommend more highly. And every time the experience with a Leading property has been exceptional. Which makes it a group I trust implicitly when making decisions about where to stay for my own personal travel; or when traveling for business and finding out a hotel has been chosen for me from amongst their collection.

For that reason, I was excited to receive this news and find out their collection is expanding! I look forward to staying at these properties in the future.

Of particular interest to me are Washington School House Hotel, Villa Nai 3.3, ARIA Retreat & SPA, Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé and Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp.

What hotels on the list peak your interest? 

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