Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

I recently flew out to Las Vegas, Nevada to experience “Sin City” for the first time ever. Bringing me to town were two lovely couples who wanted my photography services for an engagement session and a maternity session. I could not have been more thrilled to have the opportunity I did!! Las Vegas is a photographer’s paradise – there is something to photograph everywhere you go! Also, it’s not as “sin” filled as the rumors would have you believe … unless you go looking for it I’m sure (which, I didn’t).

Instead, I shot my client sessions and spent the rest of the time meandering through the resorts and casinos people watching and avoiding the slots. I’m not really a gambler. I’m a picture maker.

Most of these were taken while I was stopped at a light in the convertible I rented. You wait a long time at lights in Las Vegas. In case you were wondering, a convertible is a really fabulous way to drive the strip!

My favorite of the resorts, Bellagio!

And at night, when the lights glow the brightest and all seems somehow exciting and new!

Definitely fell in love with Vegas just a bit – as a photographer there is no shortage of fun things to photograph!