My Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2015

Instagram is the area of my online presence that takes up most of my time and energy. I’ve written about Instagram before on this blog so that’s probably no surprise. But I figured sharing My Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2015 on the app, would be a fun way to look back on the year, as is so popular to do late in December. And I’ve tried to include stories that I didn’t share when I first posted the photos on my Instagram account.

So here is the countdown of my Top 10 Most Liked Photographs on Instagram in 2015:


#10: Sailboat at Sunset off Key West as viewed from Mallory Square

This is a photo that I actually took in 2014, when I shared it this year as a “latergram,” I was surprised by how well it did. It seemed to strike a cord with everyone who loves sailing, sunsets and summertime. Which is, let’s be honest, a lot of people!


#9: Early Morning View from my room in Cairo, Egypt at Mena House Hotel

This image went nuts as far as I was concerned, in that I liked it but I actually feared it wouldn’t do very well being my very first image from Egypt. And yet it was re-posted several times by other travel accounts, it was heavily commented on and it created a buzz around the rest of my time in Egypt with Abercrombie & Kent that I just hadn’t planned for. It was actually very exciting.


#8: Early morning at Petra’s Monastery in the country of Jordan

After a very long hike up from the valley floor, this view was a stunning reward. Myself and two companions had this entire scene almost completely to ourselves during our Abercrombie & Kent trip in October and that was almost as amazing as the monastery itself. Though early morning is not in fact the best time to see this structure because it’s largely in shade, at this moment, I didn’t really care! Luckily, despite the lighting not being ideal, my followers seemed to enjoy the scene as well!


#7: Flying over Kaua’i with Jack Harter Helicopters

This was an experience that Danté paid for as a treat for us while we were working in Hawaii with SPGHawaii and the SPGAmex. It was beyond thrilling and yet somehow photos don’t do the physical beauty of the island justice at all. It just has to be seen to be believed. Still, this photo did pretty well considering.


#6: Night sky over the Atacama Desert in Chile

During a trip with LAN Airlines in May, while staying at Alto Atacama, I took part in their nighttime stargazing activity and I was amazed at how dense the sky’s stars were from that part of the world. When I took this photo, it felt like the sky could fall down right on top of us! Of course this wasn’t accomplished with my iPhone but my Samsung NX1 camera and their 16-50mm f/2.0 lens.


#5: Inside the Temple of Hathor at Denderah in Egypt

This photo was also taken during my October trip to Egypt with Abercrombie & Kent. This temple was my favorite of the dozen or so that we visited. Something about it being so well preserved and so colorful, along with it being a temple for a female goddess… seemed to captivate all of us. And my followers too apparently since this became my second-most loved photo from that whole trip to Egypt and Jordan.


#4: First Look at the Treasury of Petra

Just like that scene from Indiana Jones… I was so excited in this moment I could hardly press the shutter button on my Samsung camera in order to take this photo. Indiana Jones was a favorite hero of mine growing up and the films were a definite early influence in my wanting to be a traveler. No photo or words can adequately capture how amazing it is to see this archeological site for the first time, for those first few seconds where it doesn’t seem real. Where you think, “Oh that’s that thing they created for that movie. It’s pretty cool.” But at the same time, you know it’s real and your mind just can’t quite comprehend it. Yeah, it’s bananas. But I still had to try and share the moment. And my blessed followers on Instagram seemed to somehow feel what I felt too. A gift I also can’t put into words! This was my most liked photo from my trip to Egypt and Jordan with Abercrombie & Kent in October 2015.


#3: Flying over the Serengeti at Sunrise in a Hot Air Balloon

During a trip to Tanzania with Four Seasons Safari Lodge, we took a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti with Serengeti Balloon Safaris (complete with champagne) and it was SO AMAZING that I began to literally jump up and down in the balloon before I completely freaked out my fellow passengers and remembered where I was just before taking this photo of zebra underneath us. I still want to publish a blog post only about this experience. Because this photo taken with my Samsung camera hardly encapsulates how amazing the entire journey was. Still this image was quite popular and made a lot of people interested in something they didn’t even know was possible before seeing my photo. Over 100 comments were left! That’s a result that always makes me really happy!


#2: Lone Cyprus in Pebble Beach, California

I actually took this photo with just my iPhone in 2014 during a road trip with Danté but when I reposted it in August of 2015 as a “latergram” I was very pleasantly surprised at how well it was received and it continues to get likes still from those who look back into my archives. The color of the water really was that stunning that day. There’s not a lot of editing here, just a touch of VSCO F1 or F3.

And drumroll please, my number one most liked photo of 2015, also posted in August…


This was actually an homage to a photo posted by my friends Chris and Tawny of the very popular blog Captain & Clark. They’d previously been to the bookstore and when I saw their image, I knew we had to visit it too! I’d never seen steps made entirely of books. And as an avid reader, that both completely captivated me, and also saddened me. I think books are for reading. But I can’t deny the strange beauty that they represent being used in this manner. This photo was so popular this year, it still has almost two thousand more likes than my average photo usually gets!

Stats were all gleaned from my Pro Membership at Iconosquare. I’ve talked about it as well before on this blog. I still think, even at the free version, it’s one of the better sites for Instagram analytics that exist for individuals. However, I am not affiliated with Iconosquare nor am I supported by them. I pay for my own membership in full.

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What were your favorite photos? And where would you like to go after seeing these Top 10 Instagram photos?

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