On Happiness: Part One, Travel as Necessity

It was in 2009 that I realized how truly essential travel was to my daily happiness, a circumstance I’ve written about before on this blog. Since then, almost every single one of my major decisions have been driven exclusively by whatever option might possibly sate my wanderlust or fulfill my travel dreams.

So when G Adventures decided to celebrate International Day of Happiness by making an infographic about travel and happiness, I was pretty much their case study in flesh and blood. I had promised to publish it as close to that day as possible but things happened and here I am sharing it with you now. Better late than never!

Why now? Why at all? Happiness has been on my mind a lot lately. Ever since I realized that as much as I NEED to travel, travel itself doesn’t encompass everything I need and everything I want in life. There has been one thing missing [and now it isn’t anymore]. So, I’m on a mission for 2013 to bring balance to my life. Balance that still involves a fair amount of travel, that will likely never change, yet also includes room for that thing Shakespeare so eloquently spoke of over and over and over….

[romantic] LOVE. I’ve hinted at it before, here, but the full story is coming soon!

  • April 07, 2013

    great infographic! glad to see Australia as being the number one destination!

    • April 07, 2013

      I thought G put together a great infographic too! And it’s funny that Australia is the #1 because I so often hear people complain about how far away it is… But I loved it so much, I would go back without a second thought. Anytime.

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