Repairing to Provence

Repairing to Provence

I have been sick. sick. sick…yearning for a place to repair to in which to rest and recuperate. Work made that impossible and then an invitation to Provence arrived and I thought, “Oui!!!” Picturing sunshine and rolling green hills, afternoons lounging by the pool and evenings in the spa before sumptuous dinners — I eagerly repacked my suitcase and boarded my flight. What I have found at Club Med Opio en Provence this weekend is not what I pictured. Yet, there have been a few zen moments and the verdant green of the landscape, barely emerging from fog, has reminded me of the words Peter Mayle penned within A Year in Provence:

‘Look at those vines,’ [Massot] said. ‘Nature is wearing her prettiest clothes.’

The effect of the weather on the inhabitants of Provence is immediate and obvious. They expect every day to be sunny, and their disposition suffers when it isn’t. Rain they take as a personal affront, shaking their heads and commiserating with each other in the cafes, looking with profound suspicion at the sky as though a plague of locusts is about to descend, and picking their way with distaste through the puddles on the pavement….we realized how many of the local people had their birthdays in September or October, and then a possible but unverifiable answer suggested itself: they were busy indoors making babies. There is a season for everything in Provence, and the first two months of the year must be devoted to procreation.

I’ll be sharing an extensive photo essay soon. I hope you enjoyed the preview. Au Revoir from Provence!

  • April 27, 2013

    LOL Oh my gosh, the same thing happened when I lived in Phoenix. On the rare days it would rain, it seemed like everyone was in a funk. It’s amazing how the sun, or the lack of it, can affect our mood. Nice post, looking forward to the photo essay.

    • April 27, 2013

      It’s definitely not as unfair is it sounds. It’s been shit, bummer weather. But I usually have no problems finding small, beautiful moments no matter where I go. And though the resort too isn’t really my style — I’ll be focusing on the good parts in the photo essay 🙂 I agree, sunshine, or lack of it, really affects things!

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