Repairing to Provence

Zen Moments at Opio en Provence

As long as I’ve been a Francophile, I’ve wanted to visit Provence. Between it and Paris, I felt assured in my mind I would have everything I’d ever need in France. So an opportunity to visit Provence could not be turned down.

I was a guest of Club Med Opio en Provence however all views and opinions are my own.

Never mind it was to an all-inclusive resort: Club Med Opio en Provence. It was still…IN PROVENCE!

While my stay was not the zen experience I had hoped for, and at the time needed, I did manage to find pockets of beauty and moments of peace during my two nights at Opio. From the l’Occitane Spa to the zen pool, even pouring rain couldn’t dampen my mission to capture beautiful photos. After a massage that was most definitely the highlight of my stay, it was a great way to end my short visit.
If you’re a family looking for a resort in France that will cater both to you AND your children, then Club Med Opio IS for you. I would recommend it for the abundant activities that your children will have to choose from, the incredible (and healthy) food and the zen pool plus spa for adults. However, I don’t think Spring is the right time to enjoy Opio. I would most definitely recommend visiting more toward the height of summer and I would leave time to explore Provence outside the walls of the resort. This is something I didn’t have time for and that is my chief regret.

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