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Travel Photography: Taking Great Photos in Mauritius

This article was contributed by a site supporter but every image in this post is mine alone, taken during one of my two trips to Mauritius. All were taken with the iPhone 4S or a Sony NEX 6.

A trip to the island of Mauritius is a dream vacation for many people, it certainly was for me the first time I found myself there. If you get the chance to visit you will want to document your time there to help you remember the experience. It will truly be unusual and unforgettable if it is anything like my two trips. I publish these provided tips from a strategic partner in the hopes that they will help you take the perfect pictures with no regrets about moments not captured…

First, Do Some Homework

Do some research beforehand rather than just trusting that photo opportunities will appear, there are some places more camera worthy than others on this small island. Mauritius is a fascinating country that is famous for its pristine beaches, hospitable locals, diverse culture, and so much more. And while it is not large, there are a LOT of things to capture! Some of the best attractions include Central Market, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, Tamarin Beach and Chamarel Colored Earth.


Look for The Best Light

Sunrise and sunset are great times for taking photographs. When the sun is low in the sky it can create a golden hue of softer light that is more attractive than at other times of the day. Try to get up early enough in the morning to take advantage of this, who doesn’t love a sunrise anyway, and look for photo opportunities as the daylight is starting to fade in the evening. Try a silhouette of a person against the sky. Capture the palm trees as dusk turns to day! Look for sunrise reflecting in the water. All of these things will showcase and highlight the light.007

But by All Means, Understand Your Camera

Take the time to become familiar with the features of your camera prior to arriving in Mauritius. This ensures that you are always ready to snap a shot of a beautiful landscape or of an attraction and that you don’t miss the opportunity as you struggle to get set up. Helpful no matter where you are traveling!

Please Learn Local Words

English, French, and Mauritian Creole are the three main languages of the island. Learning a few simple words, phrases, and greetings in each can help in taking pictures of the locals. It’s always polite to get their permission first (as in the photo above), before you capture an image of them, their business or their home. It is also a way to enlist their assistance in finding some of the best places to get photos that are away from the most usual tourist spots, a little “off the beaten path”!

Most of all…. Relax!

A vacation isn’t all about taking pictures so don’t spend the entire time looking through the lens of your camera. Put it away once in a while, and just enjoy the moment without the need to capture it all. If an opportunity too good to miss does present itself, you can always take the camera out from whatever bag or purse you’ve put it in to!IMG_1668

Capturing the best sights of Mauritius on camera is something that any visitor to the country should do. The pointers above are designed to help you get the best shots so that you can show family and friends what a fantastic place this beautiful island is. (And maybe make them just a little bit envious if they haven’t yet been themselves! *wink*)

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