A Berlin Cocktail Story: The Hugo

A Berlin Cocktail Story: The Hugo

At our hotel bar, on the first night of my latest trip to Berlin, all dark wood walls and plush velvet with mood lighting suited to staying a while — I was intrigued when our host ordered a cocktail I’d never heard of.

Not knowing what to order myself, since I usually go for my standard Guinness, cider or glass of wine, I asked for the same, thinking, “Why not try it?”

When in Rome right…

The Hugo arrived and was all effervescence and freshness with hints of lime and mint. I was instantly transported far away from the dark wood paneling to a summer picnic or a day on the beach. It was incredible to me how one cocktail could take me so far away.

But then, it wasn’t just at our hotel bar, present in our host’s desire for a nightcap.

At dinner later in our visit, at Volta to be exact, a round of Hugos showed up at our table and helped us begin a meal that still makes my mouth water to recall.
20140419-063052.jpg Days later, in Leipzig, at a party in an old warehouse now converted to artist’s lofts, what should be the featured cocktail at the bar? A Hugo!

At that point, I knew I had to get the recipe!

To make your own Hugo:

Combine Elderflower liqueur
Lime slices (or lemon)
Slightly muddled Mint leaves20140419-063047.jpg

  • June 17, 2014
    Dennis Visser

    Looks good, i actually met an Michelin food fotograveur on a small island in the North Coast. He is a Cheff no in HotelNobel.nl If you see the site you want to taste te food. Real food no plasic food…



    • June 17, 2014

      Thanks for letting me know. I will check out the link.

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