Greece: Lilly Pulitzer on Santorini

Greece: Lilly Pulitzer on Santorini

My Lilly Pulitzer clothes were gifted. All opinions and words are my own. I was not required to share this blog post.

Lilly Pulitzer has long been a part of my life but it has been a while since I’ve worn the brand. As a nomad, I so rarely bought new clothes because I didn’t have room living only out of a suitcase! Once I moved to NYC, Lilly Pulitzer only made complete sense for me in the summer. I’m very about dressing for the season rather than having a uniform or a style that lasts all year long.

But this past Spring, after Lilly Pulitzer invited me down to Palm Beach for a getaway with my dear friend Kelley Ferro, I all of the sudden wanted to see how I could fit Lilly Pulitzer items into more of my travel wardrobe. We had so much fun wearing the clothes in Florida, meeting the designers and hanging out on the Lilly Pulitzer-decorated yacht. It was a wonderful way to be re-introduced to a brand with a story I have always loved.

How and where else could I wear Lilly Pulitzer?!

Well a job in Greece with Danté came on my radar this past June and I immediately knew that it was the perfect time to bring more Lilly back into my wardrobe. Thankfully, the brand agreed! So sweet of them!

We worked with The Luxury Collection to stay at Vedema Resort in the village of Megalohori on the island of Santorini. These are the items I took with me and wore during the trip:Greece: Lilly Pulitzer on SantoriniGreece: Lilly Pulitzer on SantoriniGreece: Lilly Pulitzer on SantoriniGreece: Lilly Pulitzer on Santorini

Easy, breezy, cheerful and comfortable.

I loved these outfits and the accompanying accessories. Now I wonder where else I can take my favorite Lilly pieces…

(though I think I need to work on my fashion photography before I do too many more posts about clothes. putting that on my ToDo list!)

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