Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder

If you’ve known me in person for some time, you probably know I lived a cash-only lifestyle for many years. As my personal brand and business has grown, it has become more and more impossible to sustain that lifestyle and it led to more and more problems as I tried to grow my business. It was necessary for a time — but eventually that time came to an end. It was after one too many times of trying to check into a hotel without a card to give them, that I got fed up with my situation.

When I decided to dip my toe back into the world of credit cards, I wanted a company that I could grow with. One that offered me a credit card I could begin with but also offered cards that I’d eventually be able to work up to. One that also, had great rewards!

I found that company in Capital One. After my first card served me well for a time, I considered applying for a VentureOne card after checking out the perks, and decided it made a lot of sense for me since travel is one of the top expenses in my personal life and business.

This is the crucial part: I was a customer on my own, of my own volition before I decided to work with Capital One formally!

Already, after a month of being a VentureOne cardholder, I have enough miles to begin redeeming my first rewards. I love that the miles reward system is SO easy. I can redeem travel purchases, redeem for a gift card or credit my account and it’s all done in the Capital One app on my phone. I just choose how I want to redeem the miles, apply them to the travel purchase I’ve chosen and that’s that. It could not be simpler.

The Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card currently offers the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Rewards Earn 1.25 miles for every dollar you spend on purchases
  • 20,000 Bonus Miles Earn a one-time bonus of 20,000 miles once you spend $1,000 on purchases within the first 3 months of being approved
  • Book Travel Your Way Use your VentureOne card to make travel purchases on any website or app
  • Redeem With Ease Once you make a travel purchase with VentureOne, redeem your miles as a statement credit toward the cost. Your rewards don’t expire.
  • No Annual Fee!!
  • Capital One Wallet Makes it easy for customers keep track of their purchases in real-time and stay organized on the go. With this app, cardholders can set up instant purchase notifications, capture receipts on their phone, digitize and store gift cards and more.
  • Card Lock Credit Card customers using Capital One Wallet can easily “lock” their card when it’s misplaced and “unlock” again when it’s found.
  • Amazon Alexa Customers have the ability to interact with their financial information through Alexa-enabled devices. They can stay on top of their credit card account by checking their balance, reviewing recent transactions, or making payments.
  • Purchase Eraser Capital One Purchase Eraser program allows you to retroactively redeem your credit card rewards miles toward your travel purchases. Purchase Eraser gives you the ability to erase the cost of previous travel expenses by using your reward miles. You have 90 days to erase the purchase cost with your miles for a statement credit, online or on an iOS or Android device. The miles balance will update automatically, and the credit will be reflected in your account balance within 5 to 7 business days.

Since I am new back into the world of credit cards, I think I have a lot to learn. So much has changed since I last had a card back in my early twenties!! But so far, I have paid off my balance every month before a payment is due, I’ve never gone above my limit and I am happy with the way Capital One is helping me and my business.

Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder
Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder

After being a Capital One cardholder for a while and being happy with my choice to become one, I was so excited when they asked me to fly to San Francisco to help announce some BIG NEWS on Facebook with a specially taped Facebook LIVE video featuring two fellow bloggers I’d been wanting to meet for such a long time: Stefanie of Adventure Girl and Dave of Dave’s Travel Corner. Stefanie is as warm and fun in person as she is online, we bonded instantly when we met in the lobby of our hotel! Dave is funny in a way that I really connect with and I found myself wishing we had more time together so I could learn more about his project to document every winery in the Napa and Sonoma valleys.

Did you see our announcement?

In case you didn’t, the big news is that Capital One has now partnered with HotelTonight through January 2017 to offer Venture and VentureOne cardholders savings on top of the already great perks of being a Venture or VentureOne cardholder like I am. The savings and perks are available right in the HotelTonight app and all you have to do is enter the code “VENTURE” before paying with your Venture or VentureOne card. It gets you 10% off thousands of already great HotelTonight rates and is stackable on top of any other HotelTonight perks as well as the features that come with being a cardholder.

The best part was yet to come: Dave, Stefanie, and I all got to replicate something they call HTRoulette, which is where once a month a HotelTonight employee gets to spin to win a spontaneous getaway to a surprise destination. We each spun a wheel with a few different city names, specialized to each of us. And the city our spin landed on is where we then flew to that day after taping, thanks to Capital One and HotelTonight!! I landed on Miami and used the HotelTonight app to pick a hotel right on the beach. I even found a “High Roller” deal on top of my 10% off, that allowed me to book a room with a balcony that looked straight out at the ocean.

Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder

For two days, I napped to the sound of the waves, took walks on the beach, relaxed with a long massage on site at the hotel… And then enjoyed a few meals right around the corner at an AMAZING Mexican restaurant where the Cauliflower Tacos would have knocked my socks off if I’d been wearing any. It was called Sweet Liberty and was recommended by a follower on Instagram. Cement walls decorated with vibrant murals perfectly complemented live music and a cold beer. I lingered, I opted for dessert which was a bread pudding spiked with rum. I swayed to the music and ordered a second beer. I felt free because for a few hours I had no worries, I was only enjoying life.

Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder Why I Became a Capital One Cardholder

Because I’m a Capital One Wallet user, I was able to keep on top of my spending not only throughout the entire trip but also on everyday purchases. I then am able to start thinking about how I am going to redeem the miles I’m earning!

What are some of the ways you like to redeem your rewards? What’s the best thing you’ve redeemed your rewards for? Share your thoughts/stories in the comments below!

I’ve since used the app on two other trips and have plans to use it again soon. I love that extra level of discount that I get because of this partnership. Now the question is, how many times CAN I take advantage of this amazing partnership between now and January 31st (btw, the correct answer is unlimited!)?

  • March 24, 2017

    I am just like you. Now i put everything i purchase on my credit card and burn my miles to fly for free!

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