Visiting Sisley & their Las Vegas Giveaway

Visiting Sisley & their Las Vegas Giveaway

There are downsides and upsides to frequent travel, which is the lifestyle I lead. I can be on the road as many as three weeks a month during my busy periods. And when I was in my twenties, I never noticed that taking any serious toll on my body. Now, with my mid-thirties just a birthday away, the toll is noticeable; and now I have to work harder than ever to take care of myself inside and out so that I don’t get sick, or so sick as to have that get in the way of my work schedule.

I’ll be blogging about some of the health habits I’ve adopted in the last few years soon, but I wanted to start blogging now about some of my preventative measures related to beauty because I’ve just come back from a visit to the only physical U.S. boutique of the French cosmetics brand Sisley and I was amazed at what a difference some of their products made….days after we’d left.

At the store, located in The Shops at Crystals which is adjacent to Aria in Las Vegas, there is a treatment room and an application area so that visitors to Sisley can receive a full facial, paraffin wax hand treatment and still leave fully made up afterward, ready for a day or night out in Vegas.

That’s great, and certainly useful in such a town, but it was the maintenance and preventative skin care which Sisley has that really impressed me. Days later my skin felt 5x better than it has with any other products I’ve used as a traveler.

Most admirable for me though is that Sisley does not do any animal testing of any products.

Right now, to celebrate the store’s opening and give back to its loyal customers — Sisley is hosting an incredible giveaway when you visit them and indulge in a treatment (like the paraffin shown here) or take a selfie with their iconic French glass chandelier that graces the store’s entrance. Share a photo as evidence to Instagram or Facebook tagging SisleyParisUSA + the hashtag #SisleyParisUSA and after filling out a ballot you’ll then be entered to win $2,500 worth of free product. A winner will be drawn November 1, 2014.

Huge thanks to the Sisley team, who made me feel younger than I am, and who helped me appreciate some of the simple things I can do to take care of my skin. They’re not paying me to share this info with you, but I wanted to because I think it’s a GREAT giveaway they’re doing!!

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