Eat Your Way Through Berlin

Eat Your Way Through Berlin

Comparative to how personally obsessed I am with food, I don’t do nearly enough posts on this blog about food. I plan for this to change. So I’m starting with a list of the places we ate and drank because BERLIN FOOD! So good! This was one of the best trips food-wise that I have been on. Who knew! Berlin? I didn’t. Now I do!

This trip to Germany was made possible by AirBerlin and Visit Berlin. As usual, no editorial commitments were made and all opinions are solely my own. All images in this post were taken with my Samsung NX30 camera.

As I previously wrote about, Henrik helped us find many of the gems. Though not all. Our other guide Kirsten (yes, she and I have the same name) led us to a few as well and even introduced me to the Hugo which I have now become obsessed with re-creating at home in New York City.

Do these meals tell me anything about Germany? Or German culture? Maybe not. But they did tell me all about Berlin. You see the first time I visited, on my own and very inexperienced with foreign travel at the time, I had nothing but meat and potatoes. In fact, nothing but sausages, other meat and potatoes. Possibly some bread. Definitely also some beer.

This visit to Germany I felt like I was on a tour de force of the Michelin guide. Not that Michelin is everything to eating but it does mean something. What this most recent experience reinforced is the new reality that Berlin is no longer just a German city but an international city that is drawing citizens from all over the world to leave their home countries, building lives in a more tolerant and far more open, accepting Berlin. Yes, Berlin. In Germany. I can hardly believe it myself but it must be true because at

Cookies Cream we only ate vegetarian food. All of a truly gourmet nature, and all to me and my meat-loving heart, very delicious. Bonus: It’s a speakeasy that’s a bit challenging to find so there’s fun to be had even before you take your first bite.cookiescreamcollageVolta saw us trying flavor combinations I would never have imagined, even with a good buzz on, all of it incredible though not all of it something I would eat again (still, I was so thrilled to have my own limits tested). The design of this small restaurant is also terrific. If I lived in the area, my budget would suffer because I’d want to eat at Volta far too often.voltacollage

Just for good measure, we did eat at one of Berlin’s oldest Currywurst stands and while I still can’t say that Currywurst is my favorite thing, I can say that I have to admire the fact that a meal comprised of meat and potatoes is a national treasure. Or at least a treasure to Berliners. That, I can definitely get behind.currywurstcollage

Here are the other places we ate so you can go there too and feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. Just do me a solid and share what you find via social media so I can live vicariously? I already miss every single meal we had and want a do over!!


Confiserie Reichertreichertcollage

Der Hahn ist Totderhancollage

Katz Orange (too dark to take food photos when we went but the food is just as incredible as the exterior)SAMSUNG CSC


  • June 26, 2014
    Alexandra Pucherelli

    I was just in Berlin 2 weeks ago. I wish I had seen this earlier. I need to go to Cookies and Cream!!!!

    • June 26, 2014

      Ahhhh!!! I am so bummed we didn’t talk so I could give you tips. Cookies Cream was definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t even believe how good it all was. Put it on your list for next time for sure.

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