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Brooklyn Bridge

Wikipedia will tell you that the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, that it was completed in 1883 and that it is 5,989 feet long.  Also, if you watch a lot of chick-flicks…you’ll know that the Brooklyn Bridge was featured quite prominently in the 2001 movie Kate & Leopold.  Not that I’ve seen it or anything. All of those facts (and more on countless other websites) are interesting to be sure.  Especially for a history-buff like I can tend to be.

However, on this trip to NYC, I was most curious about the view from the Brooklyn Bridge.  Particularly – at sunset.  So, just an hour or so before sunset on a Sunday evening, I departed from Manhattan on the N line out to Brooklyn.  I intended to disembark in Brooklyn and walk to Manhattan.  Not being a NYC resident and not really doing much research (I tend to do most trips “off the cuff”), I had no idea how long a walk I’d be in for.  Nor how insane the number of fellow tourists would be.  Also, I was blissfully unaware of two more things: 1) the skyline that I envisioned, that I’ve seen in movies, isn’t really the one you see from the Brooklyn Bridge and 2) the evening was so overcast there wasn’t much of a sunset to behold.

Despite minor disappointments and very sore feet – at the end of my walk, in view of City Hall Park – I felt a sense of true accomplishment and profound bliss.  Having finally seen almost every inch of a landmark I’d viewed in movies and on television for 29 years…it was a joyful evening indeed; made even more so, once I made my way to the cozy Steak Frites in Union Square. It was there I enjoyed my favorite Belgian beer (major bonus points to SF for stocking said beer as it’s hard to find in any city, even NYC) and a mouth-watering Petit Filet!!  🙂

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