NYC Coffee Shop

After staying out way too late my first evening in New York City exploring the Meatpacking District, my first thought waking up Sunday morning was not food.  It was going back to bed.  Yet at 9 am, on my second of only four days in New York City, going back to bed was not a solid option.  There was too much to see, take in and photograph – just waiting outside my room.  So, I made my way via N line to Union Square and found myself at the highly recommended Coffee Shop, open 23 hours a day.  Before going inside, I stopped in the square to peruse the different booths selling T-shirts, art and NYC paraphernalia.  Union Square was alive with the energy of a sunny Sunday morning following a brutal winter.

I won’t pretend I wasn’t interested in seeing a celebrity or two.  Coffee Shop is known to be a place they frequent (just check out the twitter feed for regular updates), but stepping inside – it was the smell of coffee that had my interest most piqued.  Like a scene from a well worn NYC cliche, I was greeted by a supermodel type in overly trendy clothes and hastened to a booth with nary a thought or comment that could be interpreted as friendly customer service.  My waitress was even more dismissive and clearly visibly judgmental of my choice to order an iced mocha and omelette.  No brownie points for whole wheat toast either.
But once my food came and the coffee started to perk up my exhausted body…I felt thoroughly blissed out.  I was in the midst of fellow tourists as well as NYC natives and heard at least 3 languages being spoken before my food arrived.  The people watching did not disappoint and brunch was quite delicious.  The decor, which seemed to be a fusion of “Classic American Diner” and “Tommy Bahama”, lent a perfectly laid back feeling to the place.  It was ideal for a lazy Sunday morning reading…and sneaking photographs of my surroundings.

DISCLAIMER: I did not receive my meal free or at a discount, I was not in any way compensated for this post and this shouldn’t be considered to be an official endorsement of “Coffee Shop” or its owners. And in case you find yourself at Coffee Shop one of these days: beware that taking photographs on the premises IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!

  • March 31, 2010

    Great photos, Kirsten! Though I must say I’m not a fan of the Coffee Shop for the same observations you made. But the plus is its location – Union Square is fabulous for people watching and shopping.

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