Bose Soundlink Mini

Bose SoundLink Mini and Nokia MixRadio


Since I stopped being nomadic, and have a bit of a home office now, I’m always searching for the best way to listen to music as I work. iPhone? No. Usually need it for the work I do. iPad? No. Same, usually using it. Laptop? Definitely not, doing too many things already for it to run music as well.

Well I can stop searching!! I finally found it when Verizon Wireless gave me the Nokia Lumia Icon to test as part of the #VZWbuzz program and I discovered Nokia’s MixRadio app. It’s 10x better than Pandora or Spotify because there are never commercials and it never times out or goes to sleep or asks if I am still listening. It also is less work than curating lists in, for example, iTunes. I can create my own stations and mixes of artists I like far quicker than I could in iTunes or I can choose from their mixes (as I write this post, it’s a Cinco de Mayo mix). When I pair it with the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker, the sound fills every room of our apartment and I can listen to music whether I am working or cleaning or running around organizing; no headphones needed, no high volume needed, if you know about Bose, then you get what I’m talking about without my needing to explain. It just works!

Bonus: when I do travel, the SoundLink Mini is light and portable enough that I can take it with me and have music in my hotel room. There’s an auxiliary port as well as the bluetooth connection. I can use it plugged in or charged, on battery.

The Icon is great for photography as well and I’ll be sharing more about that later, it retails for $149.98 at Verizon with a new two year contract. The Bose SoundLink Mini speaker is $199.99.

I received both of these products as part of the Verizon Wireless #‎VZWbuzz program but I am not paid by them to share about the products and all my opinions are, as always, entirely my own.

  • August 10, 2017

    Bose good speaker I have mine for two years now, which was given to me and I never expected that it still has the same quality audio as the first time I hear it played.

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